Monday, June 25, 2012


This year in 6th grade, we will be learning about ancient history. As we do, I will share with you many of my own travel stories and photos. In addition to using the text, this blog site will have useful links, articles, pictures, etc to help you understand the material covered in class. You will be encouraged to respond to the blog by posting your own comments and questions. Please be respectful of each other when posting. I’m looking forward to a great year!
                                                            ~Mrs. Gibson

What is Ancient History? Ancient history is studying the people and civilizations of the distant past. By studying the past, we can learn what life was like long ago and how it eventually evolved into what we know today. Early humans were determined to have lived over 3 million years ago. Obviously, no one is around to tell us about their lives, so we need to rely on specialists to discover the answers…

ARCHEOLOGISTS, HISTORIANS and GEOGRAPHERS are the key when it comes to digging up the past.

An ARCHEOLOGIST is a scientist that examines and studies objects from the past.

A HISTORIAN records the past by reading and examining documents left behind. They also try to interpret and understand what happened and why.

GEOGRAPHER is important in studying the past because they map things out. They study the natural features of the earth and how they effected the people and civilizations. They study the environments to see how they survived.


As we get started, I must remind you of a few guidelines you need to follow when contributing to this blog.

Gibson’s Guidelines:
  1. You may use the computers in the class to access the blog after all written work is completed.
  2. Computers in the classroom are for school related work, not personal surfing and gaming.
  3. Think before you type.  If you don’t feel comfortable saying it to your mother or teacher in person, don’t put it on the blog for all to see!
  4. Be responsible! Know that what you are posting is for the world to see; check your information. Think about how people may respond to your post before you publish it.
  5. Use proper grammar for all posts.  “Text-ese” will not be accepted or graded.
  6. Technology privileges can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the teacher. Any inappropriate use of the Internet or the Blog will be disciplined according to the CPS Student Code of Conduct.